Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Community? Spread the word.

It seems to me that communities, certainly here in the UK, are few and far between these days, broken apart by revolutions over the last few hundred years. Now we are in the midst of the most recent of these it would appear that we are all the more connected to each other, but these virtual connections are no substitute for the touch of a hand or the sound of mutual laughter, or even mutual grief.

I have an idea, as I’ve already said, to build a virtual community that morphs into actual communities. Loneliness has already reached epidemic proportions and the mental health crisis is effecting all of us in some way. All of this sadness and disconnectedness is buffered by the belief that we are more widely connected, virtually, online, globally. Yet I sit here, alone, and have barely spoken to an actual living soul for the last 3 days. I feel a failure because of this and it stirs in me beliefs that I am unlovable, undeserving and fundamentally bad. I know I am not alone in thinking this way, and I am attempting not to let my thoughts become so dark, but I know what it feels like to lose control of my self-belief and worthiness, and I am not surprised that the suicide rate is rising, that the anti-depressant/anti-anxiety culture is thriving.

So I am reaching out to you, ironically through an online blog, I am hoping that this will be the start of me doing my small bit towards changing the current situation. That through it I may meet people near and far that are of the same mind. That want to connect and communicate with real people, and help others to do the same. We will build an interactive site, right here, that connects people through a variety of mutual interests, and most importantly encourages local connections and meet-ups that begin with an actual handshake, or a hug from another human being. If you are interested in joining me, if you are lonely, if you feel sad, depressed, suicidal, or just plain old dissatisfied with your lot, and the lot of the world as you know it, if you want to change things and/or help change the lives of others email me, comment below, spread the word.

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