Saturday, 12 May 2018

Is making friends easier than eating chocolate?

This is so beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I haven’t written here for a while but am feeling reignited by this film from Be More Us about trying to do something about the lonely situation many of us are, or may be, finding ourselves in at some point in our lives, for whatever reasons.

I will be explaining soon, a little bit more about some of the ideas I have for a space online where together we can start to tackle this loneliness epidemic. I am certainly no web genius, so although there are many seeds of ideas in my mind right now, I’m not yet sure what is actually possible, virtually, if you catch my drift, so am hoping to start conversations here about how to develop a website that brings people together. A space that is safe yet open, confidential but public, practical yet fulfils all the dreams I have about connection in life.

If you have any ideas, technical, artistic or otherwise then do leave a comment or feel free to email me via this blog. Let’s make this happen. You are not alone.

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