Thursday, 7 June 2018

Can I help you? Can you help me?

Can I help you?

Maybe you too are lonely or dissatisfied with your lot, and the lot of the world as you know it.

What can I do online to help you?
What is it that you most need from an online forum like this?

Social connection is scientifically proven to increase our lifespans and make us healthier, physically and emotionally. We are in fact hardwired to need good relationships in our lives in order that we can avoid the feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety that can develop if we feel socially isolated. It is the quality of our personal relationships that matter, not the number or them, and today we live in increasingly polarised social groups, perhaps never meeting other people that we feel we can be ourselves with, open up to, rely on and care for as we hope to be cared for in return.

I am hoping that this website will offer the opportunity to make true connections with people, whether that be virtually or in person. We can share the problems we have as well as the skills, talents and creativity that is in all of us. I would like for us to start up a number of groups that allow us to share common interests, whether that be a live recipe sharing, a fishing group or a group that practices some kind of mindfulness techniques that can ease our pain and suffering, allowing us to accept ourselves as we are and feel worthy of making firm friendships that nurture and soothe us.

Let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions or would like to be involved in anyway. you can comment here or send me a private email at

Join me and let’s start to make a difference in our increasingly isolating virtual world.

Can you help me?

Are you interested in helping me get this project of the ground?
I want to build a website where people can connect and potentially meet face to face if they choose to. A place where we can share common interests either by messaging or some kind of online groups where we can see each other as in Skype or Zoom meet-ups.
I am OK with designing the aesthetic side of such a website, but wouldn't know where to start in terms of technicalities, online security and safety. Are you technically inclined and interested in helping me make a difference in these ever isolating times we find ourselves living in?

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