Thursday, 12 July 2018

Why Life Gets Better After Midlife

Just a quick post to let you know about a book I am currently reading.
“The Happiness Curve” by Jonathan Rauch
This has really cheered me up over the last few days. I am always flitting from book to book, website to website, idea to idea, constantly grasping for something that will make me feel better deep inside, you know, in that place where the real, wise, compassionate and happy ‘me’ resides. Anyway for once I am reading a whole book from cover to cover and it sure doesn’t disappoint.

The premise is that after the misery that can be felt in our 40’s, which the author proves by ‘drawing on cutting edge research’, there is a natural upturn when we reach our 50’s. We feel more at home in our own skins and our core values and beliefs become better defined allowing for a greater sense of well-being, hope for our future and ultimately happiness.

The book is easy to read and comprehend ‘featuring practical ways to endure the dip and avoid its perils and helps you find a path through the trees.....demonstrates how we can - and why we must - do more to help each other through the woods’.


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