Friday, 28 September 2018

Still Alive! Share your pain.

So I haven’t written a post for a good while now but I am still alive!
I am suffering here, I have a chronic illness, a very difficult home situation and a sick elderly mother who I am very worried about and feel particularly low and alone today.
I believe strongly that we should share our pain but often it feels like we have no one to share that pain with.
I am continuing to practice self-compassion, and am part of a beautiful and loving online community that is keeping me from going under, from getting lost inside but I still feel a strong call to create a platform here where we can connect and share our pain and suffering with others who see us, hear us and care about us.
In that light I will try and summon the energy to write a post about the vision I have for such a space in the next few days - a virtual space that can help develop real life, in person connections.
Until then, please do share your pain here, please do connect with others, virtually and in real life, and please do care for yourselves - treat yourself like you would treat a beloved pet, or child or a dear friend.

Here is a link to someone that tries to see and hear everyone she comes into contact with and who is wise and compassionate enough to help all of us, with free online meditations and practice circles and with affordable online and in person mindful self compassion gatherings. Let her guide you if you need guidance. Let her help you guide and comfort yourself through life’s sufferings if that’s what you need. Whatever the case reach out people, reach out. Don’t get lost inside.